After 5 years, we are sad to announce that we have closed our business. We were offered a totally unique opportunity to study Shingon Buddhism in Japan for two years, so we had to end this to be ready for the next adventure!

We would like to say THANK YOU for all our customers that we had, all the people that came on board for a good chat, all the people we were honoured to help on their path in life. And a big THANK YOU for all the practitioners who helped us out, and the people who ran workshops here on board the SULA lightship.

We enjoyed every minute of it!!

So now it is time to move on, both for us and for you.

We will return to the Gloucester area after our two years in Japan with some exciting new ideas!

So goodbye for now, but we certainly hope to meet you all again!!

Jan & Agnes (Yozen & Kakua)

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