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Effect on the body:

Essential oils are quickly absorbed through the skin and penetrate its deepest layers.

The chemical properties of the essential oils can be cleansing, deodorizing, toning or balancing. They also help speed up the removal of old skin cells and thus encourage the production of new cells. Essential oils help muscles to regain a healthy condition and aid the soft tissue to get rid of excess fluid and waste materials.

They also act as blood regulators, improving the blood circulation.

With the help of pressure points on nerve centres, the essential oils help to regulate the nervous system, making it more alert to impulses and quicker to react.

Effect on the mind:

Essential oils stimulate the part of the brain that affects emotion. The impression of the aroma is sent directly to the limbic system where memories are stored and pleasure and emotions are perceived. When stimulated, the limbic system releases chemicals that affect the central nervous system. For instant endorphins reduce pain; serotonin counteracts anxiety.

Effect on the spirit:

Frankincense oil has been used as an adjunct to meditation. Its aroma penetrates deeply into the lungs, inspiring slow, regular breathing.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils.

An essential oil is an aromatic essence, distilled from a single botanical source (plants, leaves, roots etc). Essential oils can have many different effects on the body, mind and spirit.

You soon will feel that you are cared for, and the personal selected blend prepared for your massage will make you positive and re-balanced.

Price List

Back, neck & shoulders                                             £25

Luxury face & head                                                    £30

Full body                                                                        £45

Combination Reiki/Aromatherapy                     £35


- Agnes van der Elsen
- Agnese Rikmane

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