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Down in the belly of the ship we have a very large space known as our Engine Room. Here we host many classes available for you to participate in. From Yoga to Meditation for Children, this warm and inviting safe environment is spacious enough for comfortable stretching, for conferences and team-building exercises.

This room also doubles as the home of the Gloucester Buddhist Centre where we welcome all forms of Buddhism, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be Buddhist to use this space!  If you would like somewhere quiet to meditate within this bustling city, come onboard and have a little time to yourself!

Every week we have a variety of different classes, and we keep adding more to our list, so if there is an idea you have of a class, or you are a practitioner looking for a great space, or just want somewhere unique to join in a yoga class, then come visit or contact us today!

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Tel - 01452 527 566  E-mail - info@lightshiptherapies.net

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