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Personal Development

What is the difference?

Counselling helps to explore your feelings of events that have happened in the past, and how it impacts your current well-being. By offering a safe environment to discuss these feelings, clients have an opportunity to manage and change these emotions in a way that minimises the interference of these feelings in their current life. The counsellor will guide you through that process.

Life coaching differs from counselling in that it looks forward in the client’s life and can provide focus on what to achieve and how to get there. It involves various mental exercises to identify strengths and weaknesses of the client, and once the goal has been set, it will provide mile-stones to get the client on the right track.

the session.

Benefits of Personal Development

- Reduces stress and anxiety

- Provides an insight in hidden emotions

- Release of emotional stresses

- Provides focus to the client’s future

Benefits of Counselling

Anybody who suffers from depression or anxiety, and can’t cope with difficult and/or traumatic experiences in life such as redundancy, bereavement, relationship problems or addictions, can benefit from counselling. It can also help clients with general low self-esteem, not necessarily related to an event.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Anybody who has lost their focus in life, not knowing where to go or what to aim for, and what to achieve, can benefit from life coaching. It can help people with improving relationships, project management, career planning, stress management, and anyone who is looking for the right way forward.

Life Coaching and Counselling

We all get lost in life at some stage. Sometimes it is triggered by a sudden event, something from the past, or just a moment you realise something has to change, but you don’t know how to proceed.

What happens in a session?

During these sessions clients are provided a platform to discuss matters in a safe and confidential environment. The discussions will help the client to explore their inner feelings, and can provide a way forward. Counselling and life coaching involves a number of sessions, the number of which depends on the client’s personal needs.

Price List

Counselling                                                                  £40

Life Coaching                                                               £35

Duration                                                                    1 hour


- Jan van der Elsen

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