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How does it work?

A Reiki Treatment involves the laying of hands either on or above the body over the main chakras (energy gateways/openings). The healing energy is then channelled through the practitioner towards the receiver.

Reiki uses the life force energy to help release physical, emotional and mental pain or blockages.

The Benefits

The benefits people experience with Reiki range from getting rid of stress, tension and pain and feel more emotionally balanced. Often their physical and psychological ailments improve and even disappear.

Another benefit is that people who are unable to have vigorous bodywork done on them can receive Reiki because it is a gentle hands-on treatment.

What happens in a treatment?

The receiver will sit on a chair or lie on a massage table, fully dressed but without shoes.

The practitioner can play music to relax the receiver. Then the practitioner works on the energy field of the receiver. After he/she feels the energy is balanced, the practitioner will end the session.

The receiver can feel heat, cold and or a tingling sensation during the session, or nothing at all.

Most people feel a deep relaxation during and after the session.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique for use on you or with others, which uses life-force energy to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage.

However, it is much more than a physical therapy. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of the person- body, mind, emotions and spirit- and it can also be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth.

Price List

Full Reiki Treatment                                                 £30

Duration                                                                    1 hour


- Jan van der Elsen
- Agnes van der Elsen

If you would like to book an appointment, for yourself or to treat a loved one, drop us an email at info@lightshiptherapies.net or alternatively call us on 01452 527 566.

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