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Fantastic experience! I feel fresh, relieved, all sorts! I want to run forever, right now I feel capable! I'm definitely going to come back for more Reiki and also share my experience with everyone. Thank you SO much!  
- J

Simply WOW!! Very different to ANY other treatment!
- Sound Treatment

What a great experience: the combination of Aromatherapy and Reiki was really relaxing. An added bonus was the amazing atmosphere of the ship and the surroundings. I can highly recommend Agnes as therapy for a hectic lifestyle.

- S

I came feeling tired and leave after a wonderful 'float' back. It's a peaceful place. Many thanks for a beautiful treat!
- Sound Bath

The experience was simply amazing, really helped me to let-go and relax. A brilliant experience: felt the tensions drain away and helped me to let go of things that were worrying me. Looking forward coming back!

- F, Sound Bath

Thank you so much. I had been feeling really tense and stressed, but after the soundbath I felt so relaxed and all the tension seemed to have disappeared..

WONDERFUL experience, very relaxing! The sound vibrated through me leaving me totally calm.  

- G, Sound Bath

Thank you so much for the experience, it was very relaxing. I think on a 2nd session when I know what to expect: I will be able to switch-off completely.
- D, Sound Bath

Yoga is a fantastic balance of stretches and movements combined with relaxation - perfect. Excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and respectful of where you are at but also intense, useful practice.

- S

PERFECT at balancing energies, totally relaxing and freeing of the spirit.. LOVED it!  
- I, Sound Bath

Would recommend the treatment to everyone. I have had Reiki for the first time and feel completely relaxed and will book another one. Also now considering a Reiki-I course. Most amazing experience, thank you!  

- P, Reiki Treatment

A huge thank you to Jan and Agnes for the wonderful soundbath on board Sula Lightship last night. An incredible experience!
- C, Sound Bath

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much I will be back.

- S, Sound Healing

So very relaxing - strange, but lovely sensations - I am certainly coming again & again!
- Aromatherapy/Reiki combi

Having breast cancer, this helped me feel very de-stressed and very relaxed. I feel so much better. Better than all your regular pills and potions!

- J, Reiki Treatment

Really relaxing and the Reiki was an interesting first time. I was sceptic but now know it gets results Thanks!
- C

A deeply relaxing experience. Really helped to relex and unwind! Very useful advice too. Will definitely have more!

- O, Aromatherapy/Reiki Combi

A wonderful relaxing experience. Thanks! X

I had the most wonderful and relaxing time in a very comfortable environment. Thank you.

Great massage (I think Agnes is doing this for a long while)  Will be booking more here!
- M

Unbelievably relaxing! The most relaxing hour I have ever spent. Lovely atmosphere and people. Thank you!

- CP

Had a wonderfully relaxing massage at a time I was feeling very stressed. I feel so much better. Thank you very much!
- MB

The Sound-Bath was wonderful, beautiful and just what the doctor ordered. Thank you both so very much x  

- LJ

The Sound-Bath was out of this world! Thank you, will be back soon!
- SY

Thank you so much, my treatment was truly wonderful and has helped me to relax and feel at peace.

A lovely treatment and very relaxing and definitely uplifting in every way!
- Crystal Sonic Facial

Calming experience and good advise!
- GB

A lovely relaxing treatment, time-out from the real world. A little oasis of calm.. floating in Gloucester!  
- L

A wonderfully relaxing and yet energising experience on board the Sula lightship with Jan and Agnes. Had a Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation treatment with Agnes and felt heat from the energy and was very uplifted by the experience.
- CM

I saw the light of the lightship from the distance as I approached the Docks. It was beautiful, relaxing, renewing time I spent aboard. Many thanks & blessings!
- A

Wonderful experience, setting superb. First visit of many to come.
- P

A most enjoyable experience. I was quite tense when I arrived but now feel very relaxed. This was my first visit, but will not be my last. Thanks
- MD

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage. We were treated like royalty and were very well looked after. I look forward to trying more treatments very soon. Thank you for de-stressing me :-)
- ND

I feel absolutely AMAZING after the treatment! Feel like I can deal with the world's problems. Thank you so much!!
- JD

My first Sound-Healing Course. What a super day, thank you so much
- S

What an interesting day, I have learned so much. Thank you!
- S


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