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Who Are We?

Meet the Dutch married couple Jan and Agnes van der Elsen, who bought the historic Lightship, then known as the Spurn, and gave her a face-lift, complete with an onboard holistic centre. Jan and Agnes are qualified practitioners for over 20 years.


When Jan was 18 years old he was determined to prove that the power of pyramids was a load of nonsense. He built two pyramids from cardboard with the same dimensions as the Giza pyramid from Egypt, and a separate square cardboard box as a comparison. One of the pyramids he aligned North - South, the other two were placed randomly. In each he placed a flower from the same bunch. After two weeks he discovered that the flowers in the most of the boxes had wilted, however the one in the North - South pyramid was well preserved. He repeated this experiment several times and even enlisted the assistance of his Science teacher, but they found the results were always the same. Jan came to the conclusion that pyramid power works, although he and his Science teacher could not explain how.

This is where Jan’s journey began in trying different holistic treatments. He became a Reiki master and discovered that, much like pyramid power, Reiki works without a scientific explanation.

Since his youth Jan was interested in music and sound. Becoming a sound practitioner was an obvious next step, and his decision to help people with mental and emotional health wasn’t far behind.

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Agnes is a very caring person who loves to help other people. She decided to become a care worker for elderly people early in her life. After the birth of her two children she became a stay at home mum. When the children were older, she started a course in Swedish Massage, and from that moment on she wanted to expand her qualifications to help others, including Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation.

She worked from home, but ideally wanted her own centre. When Jan got his early retirement they decided to make their dream come true. They wanted to be different from other holistic centres offering complementary therapies, and so Jan went into deep meditation to look for answers. The idea of having a centre on a Lightship popped into his mind.